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85% of North America has moderate to hard water which causes mineral deposits, also known as scale to accumulate on hot surfaces. Scale accumulation reduces energy efficiency in domestic hot water heaters, increases energy consumption costs and causes premature appliance failure.
Currently the only available options to combat scale formation are, filtration and water softener systems that are expensive to install, need a power source to operate, often demand increased water usage and require the purchase of chemicals or filters in routine maintenance programs.
In response to the need for a more cost-effective solution to the problem of scaling, QSBRI has developed a new device incorporating Passive Back Flow technology, (PBF), which will maintain the efficiency of domestic hot water heating appliances in all water conditions. PBF requires no maintenance and effectively extends the life of the appliance. Not only does this product save money on energy costs, it is also infinitely more environmentally friendly as it uses less energy to operate without the need for chemicals, filters or maintenance plans.
This new product design should be added to water heating appliances at the time of installation. PBF can be used in Domestic Hot Water systems using heat exchangers fueled by natural gas, electric, oil, propane or solar energy. Please contact us for more details.
Passive Back Flow technology works by continually back flushing the heat exchanger every time there is consumption of hot water, thus preventing any scale formation. This is accomplished by connecting the PBF device to the heat exchanger at time of installation. The mains water or make-up water is connected to the PBF device and when hot water is consumed the mains/make-up water is diverted through the PBF device to the heat exchanger and back flushes it. This process happens again and again, every time hot water is consumed.
PBF is a preventative maintenance strategy that requires no user intervention, chemicals, filters or other ongoing costs. PBF has no moving parts and is made of 304 stainless steel, so it will only have to be purchased once and it can be installed on all future appliances.
Please see video at the top of this page for details on how PBF works.


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